Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI

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Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI Sunday Photo Highlights

Photos by Marc Urbano and TM Hill.

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Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI Honors History With Record-Breaking 81,000-plus Fans
World’s largest Porsche festival thrills with almost 2,500 race and street cars

Porsche passion fueled a record turnout of fans at Rennsport Reunion VI, the latest iteration of the world’s largest Porsche festival. The family reunion of historic race cars, legendary drivers and engineers, and Porsche owners and enthusiasts packed WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, for four days, Sept. 27-30. Race champions and contenders from 70 years of Porsche motorsports roared around the iconic 2.238-mile track while around 2,000 vehicles from past and present were on display.

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Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI Concludes with Lasting Memories

An incredible four-day celebration of the cars, drivers and people who contributed to Porsche’s substantial racing legacy took place at Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI. Monterey County hosted the German automaker at the iconic WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca for the largest Porsche gathering yet.

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Porsche Tractor Race Provides Change of Pace on Third Day of Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI

Porsche enthusiasts have arrived in droves to attend Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI to take part in a celebration of the German manufacturer’s seven decades of brilliance on the race track and the road. One standout on the third day of the four-day event had little to do with pushing the boundaries to go faster. The first-ever Porsche tractor race held at 1:15 p.m. provided levity with 17 tractors racing from the starting line to the Mother’s Polish bridge between Turns 4 and 5 from a Le Mans-style start.

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Porsche Rennsport Reunion Celebrates its Heritage with Pit Lane Concours

The on-track racing and exhibition action during Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI, September 27-30, is non-stop, but for a little while on Friday afternoon WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca went quieter as the Concours on Pit Lane assumed control over the normally loud and fast pit lane onto the iconic track. 

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Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI Saturday Photo Highlights

Photos by Bob Heathcote, Ken Weisenberger and TM Hill. Visit www.RacePhotosOnline.com for all the action.

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Porsche Family Photo

Each Porsche Rennsport Reunion invites a selection of cars to participate in the special group photo. Click on the pdf for the listing and models of each car by row.

Race Results

Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI Race Results

Porsche Rennsport Reunions are fun-filled family affairs full of activities and experiences.Yet, Rennsport is German for racing, so it is Porsche’s racing heritage that is center stage. 

Please click HERE for Saturday’s race results for Group 2’s Werks Trophy and Group 3’s Eifel Trophy. 

Please click HERE for Sunday’s race results for Group 1’s PCA Sholar-Friedman Cup; Group 4’s Weissach Cup; Group 5’s Gmund Trophy; Group 6’s Stuttgart Cup; and Group 7’s Flacht Cup.

Fast Facts

Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI

What: The world’s largest gathering of Porsche race cars and drivers return to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca for an amazing Porsche family reunion. In what has become a tradition, Rennsport Reunion VI will bring together an extraordinary gathering of significant Porsche race cars, as well as those who have designed, engineered, and driven them to victory in the world’s most famous sports car races.

Hosted by Porsche Cars North America, the four-day program of on-track competition will be complemented by a Concours d’Elegance, which is open to invited race participants.

When: September 27-30, 2018

Schedule: Please click HERE for the Provisional Schedule

Meet the Legends: Porsche is synonymous with passion, power, technological dominance, victories and legends. When you think of Porsche, not only do the models spring to life like 908, 910, 917/30 and 911, but so too do the drivers who piloted them to race wins in the world’s most grueling competitions.  

Many of these legendary drivers, team owners, engineers and others who brought racing successes are here at Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI. Not because they have to…but because they want to. These are some of the biggest names in motorsport who have come together for this Porsche family reunion. They are here to share stories with enthusiasts, sign autographs, visit with drivers and owners, and generally soak in the ambiance that can only be instilled by one marque–Porsche.

Please click HERE for an up-to-date list of the Legends Behind the Porsche Crest.

Chopard Heritage Display: Taking center stage in the race paddock will be a very special display that features an exclusive collection of the most important Porsche cars in the world. While these invitation only cars will not participate in the weekend’s racing, they are significant examples of Porsche history to share with motorsport and motoring enthusiasts.

Fan Activities: Be sure to read up on all the off-track activities, like autograph sessions, book signings, interviews and so much more. Click HERE for the schedule.

Get Social: #RRVI

Information: Please call 831-242-8200

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Plan for Porsche Rennsport Reunion – Event is Underway

Visitors to Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca are being greeted to the largest ever Porsche reunion.

There are more historic race cars, more legendary drivers and guests, and more activities for families than any one day can handle. That’s why this Porsche reunion has extended into four full days to envelop guests into the Porsche experience.

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Porsche Announces Legendary Cars, Drivers, Engineers for Rennsport Reunion VI
Lineup brings “Marque of Champions” theme to life for world’s largest Porsche festival

Championship winning Porsche race  cars, the engineers who designed them, and the men who drove them to victories around the world will be reunited around the track for Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI (RRVI) at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca near Monterey, California, September 27-30.

The 2018 theme “Marque of Champions” focuses on the legends of the brand and will bring together the world’s largest gathering of Porsche race cars and enthusiasts. 

Fan activities

Fan Activities For All Ages

Don’t miss a step of all the activities planned for Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI. Please click on our fan guide to experience everything happening this weekend. 

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First-Ever Porsche Tractor Race will Push the Boundaries of Speed at Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI
Celebrities and Legendary Drivers to Climb Aboard in the Classic Le Mans Start

Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI brings together all type of models for the Porsche family reunion September 27-30. But one group in particular will be considerably slower and larger than their German-engineered counterparts—Porsche tractors. In what is believed to be the first-ever official Porsche Tractor race, these one-, two-, three- and four-cylinder open-cockpit machines will fire up and race for bragging rights.

Race Entries

Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI Entries

Get ready for some of the most amazing Porsche race and sports cars to ever be assembled in one place – Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

Preview the race groups by clicking on the attached PDF.

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Porsche Unveils Official Poster for Rennsport Reunion VI

Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) unveiled the artwork commissioned to represent Rennsport Reunion VI, the sixth iteration of the world’s largest gathering of all generations of Porsche race cars and their drivers.

The four-day “family reunion” takes place September 27-30 at legendary WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. Posters for past Rennsport Reunions quickly became collector’s items.

Race Schedule

Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI Schedule

Full throttle thrills are in store for visitors to Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI. There is four full days of activities, so be sure to not miss a beat. 

Drivers: There is a mandatory Drivers Meeting for PCA members (Group 1) on Thursday, September 27 at 7:15 a.m. Groups 2-7 will meet following at 7:45 a.m. on the Porsche Paddock Stage. 

Please note this schedule is subject to change.
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Racing Classes and Entry Requests for Rennsport Reunion VI Groupings Announced
Porsche Race car applications now being accepted

Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) announced today the latest race groupings and competition applicant information for the four-day “family reunion,” September 27-30, 2018. Following tradition, Rennsport Reunion VI will once again reunite the cars and drivers that together have written a large part of motorsports history over the past 70 years.

Heritage Display

Chopard Heritage Display

Taking a prominent position to complement Porsche Park in the Paddock is the Chopard Heritage Display that showcases Porsche’s vision and defining moments in time. While these invitation-only cars are not on the racing grid, they are significant examples of Porsche racing history to share with motorsport and motoring enthusiasts. 

Each vehicle in the collection was chosen for its contribution to Porsche’s racing successes, road car engineering and performance superiority. Inside the enormous Chopard Heritage Display, visitors will have the chance to explore and relive history, talk with many of the caretakers of these cars and meet with Chopard representatives who will be on to showcase their timepieces. 

From the sleek 1951 356 Gmund Coupe that was driven around the Montlhery banking for 72 hours at 94.66 mph to a new world record, through the decades to the more modern era 2009 997 RS “Art Car” that competed in the American Le Mans Series in 2009 and 2010 before its last race at the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans where it finished 6th in class and 18th overall, the full phalanx of cars and machines provide insight into why, and how, Porsche has dominated the motorsports world for years.

Exhibitor Information

Become an Exhibitor

Take advantage of the most dedicated racing and automotive consumer base by activating a partnership in the Marketplace during Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI. It’s a terrific opportunity to showcase your products or services with loyal Porsche owners and motorsport enthusiasts who will be enjoying the festive event.

For more information, please contact Aaron Tharpe at Aaron@Laguna-Seca.com or call 831-242-8227.

Event news

Porsche Announces Rennsport Reunion VI Logo and Ticket Availability

Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) today released more details about the highly anticipated Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI to be held at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in California, September 27 through 30, 2018.