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Be more than a fan – join the racing family.

Known around the world as one of the greatest road courses, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca is owned by the County of Monterey and managed by SCRAMP (Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula) a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. Comprised of a group of dedicated and passionate volunteers, SCRAMP takes pride in providing a wonderful guest experience while simultaneously giving back to the local community.

SCRAMP volunteers work hard and long hours to support an event. Since 1957 SCRAMP has been supporting world class motorsport events on the Monterey Peninsula and we couldn’t do it without the efforts of thousands of individual and group volunteers from all over the world.

Volunteer opportunities change from race to race. The type and size of the event, as well as the regulatory body that oversees the event, all play a major role in defining our volunteer needs. Here are a few examples of volunteer positions that we had open at past races:

Survey Taker
As a survey taker, your job is to talk to spectators during a racing event and to encourage them fill out a brief paper-based survey. Teams usually consist of 3-5 survey takers led by an Assistant Director. Survey Takers spend the majority of their time collecting survey’s from our guest, the goal is about 30 completed surveys per survey taker. Survey takers usually work in the mornings.

Data Entry Volunteer
As a data entry volunteer, your job is to support the survey process by entering paper-based surveys into our web-based survey system. We try to schedule 1 Data Entry Volunteer for every 2 Survey Takers, which means that you will enter about 60 – 70 surveys during your shift. We use Survey Monkey.com as our survey tool. 

Vehicle Support Volunteer
Vehicle support volunteers ensure that photographer vans and other smaller support vehicles are at the correct location prior to the event. Many of these vehicles need to be picked up at rental agencies at the Monterey Airport. Volunteers help move these vehicles to the locations at the track where they will be needed.

Signage Volunteer
Have you noticed the signage that we have around the track during our races? For most events, this has been put up by volunteers, and will be taken down by a different set of volunteers after the event. Positions are usually available during set-up on Thursday morning before the race, and during tear-down for Monday morning after the race.

Paddock Volunteer
As a paddock volunteer you will be assigned to various duties in the paddock. In the past, this has included manning the go-cart track, checking tickets at the Rev Limiter Zone, and helping to move the crowds after a pit walk.  

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