Media Credential FAQs
Everything you need to know about getting media credentials for an event

On behalf of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, welcome to our world-renowned road racing facility. Our communications department is standing by to provide you with prompt, accurate and helpful assistance to make your job easier and your experience memorable.

To ensure a safe working environment, certain policies and guidelines have been established, which are discussed below. Individuals requesting a media credential must be currently working on assignment and fully complete the online application form.

Q: What are the 2013 deadlines?

A: The deadlines to apply for a media credential are as follows:

Event Date



May 9-11 American La Mans Monterey April 24
July 19-21 Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix June 26
Aug.16-18 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion July 31
Sept. 7-8 Continental Tire Sports Car Festival Aug. 21
Sept. 27-29 Eni FIM Superbike World Championship Aug. 28

Q1. How do I apply?

A1. All requests must be made online. (Please see special instructions below for Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix requirements.)

Q2. Who may apply for credentials?

A2. Media credentials are only issued to journalists from legitimate and recognized news outlets. This includes: newspapers, magazine, news services, racing publications, television and radio. Spouses or significant others may not apply.

Internet-only sites will only be considered and approved if they regularly report on sports, motor racing or automotive-related news. Enthusiast and fan websites, or those that cover one team or driver, will not be approved for a media credential. Team credentials must be obtained from that team.

Q3. What do I need to submit with my request for consideration?

A3. Credentials must be requested by the editor on company letterhead with his/her contact information, should verification be required. Previous proof of published racing coverage from within the past year may be requested.

Q4. What are some reasons for denying a request?

A4. The request is incomplete, is not from an approved media outlet or too many individuals have applied from a single outlet. Requests will automatically be denied from individuals in marketing, public relations, sales, etc. Only working journalists are eligible for media credentials.

Q5. How do I obtain a photo credential?

A5. Due to insurance requirements, photo credentials are extremely limited and only available to qualified photographers. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca does not issue photo credentials to freelance photographers or stock photo services that are unable to provide an affiliation to a credible and approved media outlet.

All photographers must attend a mandatory photographers meeting held inside the Media Center to receive numbered photo vests. Meetings are typically held each morning to review vantage points, safety rules, gate access and any event-related updates. Nobody is allowed entrance into the designated photo stations without an issued photo vest.

Q6. Are parking passes available?

A6. If your media credential was approved, each media outlet will typically receive one parking pass. This is due to the limited onsite parking.

Q7. How and where do I obtain my credentials?

A7. All media credentials must be individually obtained from the media registrar located at the Embassy Suites hotel in Seaside. Photo identification is required, and a liability and risk waiver must be signed before the credential is furnished. The Embassy Suites hotel is located approximately 10 miles from Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Directions and hours will be provided upon acceptance.

Q8. Will I have access to the Media Center?

A8. Media credentials allow access to the Media Center, which is the three-story building located in the paddock near the start/finish line. Seating and Internet access is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix featuring MotoGP World Championship


Printed Media Accreditation
Only publications whose coverage is considered to be of promotional benefit to MotoGP events will be accredited. This includes lifestyle, economy or consumer publications not intending to publish conventional race reports. Major news and photo agencies are considered printed media.

Daily publications and agencies are required to produce wide coverage of the event, with follow-up articles of the whole event. Weekly or monthly publications are required to produce wide coverage of the event, and a significant part of the content must be on MotoGP.

The number of published copies for publications requiring accreditation must be at least 40,000 for dailies and at least 10,000 for weeklies or monthlies.

Only publications with high standards of professionalism and accuracy in their reporting may seek accreditation.

Printed publications do not include digital or online publications and only paper editions can be considered “printed media.”

No “free of charge” publication can be accredited. Publications must be available to the public in sales outlets.

Pass Holders
Accreditation for the MotoGP events is restricted to professional journalists and photographers. Therefore, under no circumstances will media credentials be issued to marketing or commercial representatives of media, advertising or public relations agencies, sponsors, suppliers, teams or additional riders.

No one under 18 will be accredited.

Incomplete requests or requests received after the deadline will not be accepted. Dorna reserves the right to accept or decline any requests and decide upon the type of pass issued to each person in accordance with the safety regulations.

Number of Representatives per Media
A maximum of three representatives (journalists and/or photographers) may be accredited per publication or agency. However, as an exception four passes can be given when:
• The coverage previously produced or planned merits more passes and the allocation of more passes is not detrimental to the interest of other media parties in covering the event or to the capacity of the Media Center.
• The publication is important for the venue of the event because of the coverage they produce throughout the year.

Required Documents
All representatives of printed media have to electronically send the following documents to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in order to request accreditation:
• Media application request via online
• Passport-size photo (send by e-mail in .bmp format)
• Letter from Chief Editor (written on publication’s letterhead) via online in Word or jpg
• An original copy of the last issue
• Samples of coverage of the 2012 season produced by the publication via online in Word or jpg
• Journalists only – samples of his/her stories with journalist’s name included in print. Stories published after a previously attended race are especially important.
• Photographers only – samples of a minimum of 10 published photos with photographer’s name included in print. Photos should be published after the previously attended races.
• Freelance journalists and photographers must apply for accreditation via their own agencies.
• Freelance journalists must prove the supply of stories to at least three publications meeting Dorna criteria.
• Freelance photographers must prove the supply of photos to at least three publications meeting Dorna criteria.

Radio Station Media Accreditation
All representatives of the radio station have to send the following documents to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in order to request accreditation:
• Media application request via online
• Passport-size photo (send by e-mail in .bmp format)
• Letter from Chief Editor via online in Word or jpg
• Coverage from 2012 season: a tape and a list specifying transmitted programs including date, time and length

TV Station Media Accreditation
All requests for TV media accreditation for journalists or camera crew must be forwarded directly to Dorna Media Sales Department in Barcelona – tv@dorna.com. Requests must be received 15 days prior to the event.

Electronic Media Accreditation
All requests for Electronic media accreditation for journalists or photographers must be forwarded directly to Dorna Media Sales Department in Barcelona – online@dorna.com. Requests must be received 15 days prior to the event.

Required Information: all websites must provide the following information in order to be sent the accreditation form:
• MotoGP section URL
• Monthly visits
• Monthly Unique Visits
• Monthly Page Views
• Date the site was launched
• Target audience
• 2012 MotoGP coverage on the site: links and material showing coverage
• Site languages
• Country
• Media application request via online
• Passport-size photo (send by e-mail in .bmp format)

Thank you for your interest in visiting Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and covering our events. Please contact Media@MazdaRaceway.com with any questions you may have or if we can be of further assistance.