Ann Bixler
Senior Vice President of Operations

Bio: I got into Motorsports after being in the hotel industry for many years; my last position was as a Catering Conference Planning Manager.
Hometown: Manchester, Iowa
Favorite Racing Series: All of them, there is something about each of the series that runs with us that I enjoy.
Favorite Racer: Wayne Rainey, and Scott Pruett
Favorite Sport Activities: Rollerblading, Mountain Biking, Skiing,
First Time You Realized You Like Racing: three months after getting the job at the track, standing at the start…what a rush!
Favorite Book: The Dive, The Lost Continent
Favorite movie: I don’t have a favorite movie
Favorite music: Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, U2, Little Big Town…I am pretty much a rock and roll girl, but I enjoy country too…depends on the mood.
Hobbies: Beach, travel and spending time with friends and family
Something no one else knows about you: What I actually went to school for: Fashion Merchandising/Marketing.