Jeanie Sumners
Marketing Manager

Bio: Accounting / Business; I really thought that I wanted to be an accountant.
Hometown: Denver, Col.
College: Community College of Denver, and Chabot College
Favorite Racing Series: MotoGP; CART, also known as Champ Car-IRL, I love the open wheel cars
Favorite Racer: Bubba Shobert, Wayne Rainey, Mario Andretti
Favorite Sport Activities: Waterskiing
First Time You Realized You Like Racing: My older sisters had boyfriends that raced Midget cars; the sound and the smell never left me.
Favorite Book: Too many to list.
Favorite movie: Too many to list.
Favorite music: Classic Rock, Jazz, Country
Hobbies: Family, Cooking,Gardening, Singing Karoke
Something no one else knows about you: I sing!