Melvyn Record
Senior Vice President of Marketing

Bio: 1980 – 1989: Kleinwort Benson (Channel Islands), Jersey, Channel Islands, UK; foreign exchange and precious metals dealer
1989 – 2000: National Hot Rod Association, Glendora, Calif.; writer/photographer National DRAGSTER, Director of International Relations, Director of Field Marketing
2000 – 2007: Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, Calif.: Vice President of Marketing
Hometown: Nottingham, England
College: Nottingham, England
Favorite Racing Series: sprint car racing
Favorite Racer: Gary Page
Favorite Sport Activities: Soccer, fencing
First Time You Realized You Like Racing: 11 years old at Santa Pod Raceway in England – saw my first Top Fuel dragster
Favorite Book: The Damned United – David Peace
Favorite movie: The Big Lebowski
Favorite music: Bombay Bicycle Club
Hobbies: Movie buff, avid reader
Something no one else knows about you: Published author: have written two books