Track Rental

Yamaha Champions Riding School

Feel the rush of leaning hard into a tight turn just inches from the ground. At the Yamaha Champions Riding School, you’ll learn the precision and control needed to ride like a champion.

Light, powerful and responsive Yamaha YZF-R6 motorcycles are provided for every student (R1, FZ1, FZ8 and FZ6R models are also available – call for availability). The racetrack is examined during van ride-alongs and then from the apex as one of the instructors aboard a Yamaha R6 does things right and wrong. Right is quick and repeatable, wrong soon becomes painful. Students aren’t just hearing a prepared speech, they are gaining insight into how a bike works and what we do to make it work correctly; that means repeatedly, predictably and at any pace you choose. We get in and out of the classroom quickly, but students continually hear the reasons that good riders win championships, why we crash and the type and timing of control inputs.

The majority of each day is spent on the track, and the track changes each day to prove to you that it isn’t track memorization that makes you quick but correct riding techniques, and those techniques are learned while following the expert-level instructors, open lapping or perfecting a particular skill with a focused drill. Even during the catered lunches we watch the best riders in the world and discuss how we can emulate them. There is no timed curriculum because the only goal is to make you a better rider!

Plan a getaway to the beautiful town of Monterey, California now, for our highly-praised two-day program. The weather’s perfect, flights are available and this should be the year you make that huge improvement in your riding.